The Mango jab

It was a rainy day of August 10, 2017 our Trust started planting fruit saplings in one barren land, spread over almost one acre on a hilly terrain in Kodolboni village with the assertion of ever-smiling and ever-enthusiastic local youth Joyram. It was started with 150 saplings of mango, guava and jackfruit which now has gradually become an orchard of about more than 250 trees comprising also other saplings like kaju, anar, safeda. A huge quantity of turmeric is implanted as intercrop. Last two years grew massive intercrops of onion, tomato, green chilli, cabbage and brinjals. But all these grew with organic nutrients only.
Observing these growing trees with wavering foliages our Trust started planting more saplings in 2020 in another earmarked area of nearly one acre hard soil in the vicinity. Several individuals like Dr Siddhartha Biswas arranged saplings. Also received 100 saplings from Rotary Club of Calcutta, Jadavpur in last two years.
The orchard has bestowed upon more than 350 kg of mangoes this year 2021 of varities like Himsagar, Amrapali, Mallika surpassing all previous years.
This has created new opportunities for:
 Children to enjoy fruit-fun
 Revenue for the Trust
 Income for some local youth
 Processing of jam, jelly, achaar.





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