Jangalmahal area around Belpahari, in West Bengal, is a victim of underdevelopment for long. This forested area at the border with Jharkhand is populated by various tribes who remained oppressed for very long. The Shabar community faced the most of discrimination as–once the British condemned them of making bow-heads for Santhal rebels during Hool Movement and banished them from their forest on which they depended solely for a livelihood—they got used to a very primitive form of life and have even forgotten how to assert their rights. They cannot even make use of the little educational and health-care infrastructure that drifted to them. Rampant illiteracy, violent poverty, dreadful alcoholicism, untreated diseases is the order with them.

We serve these marginalized and economically weaker sections, specially the Lodha and Khedia Shabar communities. We run free coaching centers for poor children in three villages, provide them with food. We also provide medical facilities to the villagers. We assist young and unemployed of the villages finding their livelihood by imparting vocational training.

Anxiously waiting for food ..sitting on mother's lap

Longing for another handful

A Langar or Bhandara was organized by a group at Chirakuti Ashrama, Belpahari on  27th oct 2018 free meal was served to all villageres without distinction of religion, cast, gender. 300 to 350 visitors were served on that day.

Garments distributed by DPS

Three faculties from DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL (New Town) has recently visited to Belpahari Ramkrishna Vivekananda Sevashama. They surveyed nearby villages and had a word with the villagers, distributed garments and accessories among the children as well as adults.




Organized by Ex Rotaractors Reunion group at Chirakuti Ashrama

Organized by Midnapur Social Welfare Forum

Out of 300 applications, they have chosen 101. Belpahari Ramkrishna Vivekananda Sevashrama received this aid for working with the underprivileged sections of the society.
The Annual Endowment Awards Programme 2018-2019 Organized by the Rotary Club of Calcutta held on 21st May -2019.

 Plantations in ashrams kodolboni kodolboni coaching center